Meet the Teacher
Amanda Trost, M.Ed

My first experience teaching came about when, as a high school senior, my debate coach quit in the middle of the year. The principal asked me if I would help teach a freshman level speech and debate class. Debate was my sport in high school, and was such a different experience than any other activity or class I had been in. Instead of studying and taking tests, you compete using discussion, knowledge of current events, logic, and communication skills.

My teaching career spans over 20 years and includes experience in public, private, and charter schools. I am a certified teacher in the state of Texas and have written curriculum for various speech/debate, theater and English programs. I have experience teaching those subjects in addition to professional communications, financial literacy, social studies, and psychology.

Highlights of my career include the numerous successes of my students at competitions, seeing the development of their skills and confidence inside and outside of the classroom, the acceptance of several students to Ivy League Universities on the merit of their participation in the programs I organized, recognition as teacher of the year, oversight of a student moderated mayoral debate for the city of Sugar Land, fostering student participation in local, state, and national government, and facilitating programs which form connections between students and professionals allowing students to intern and gain experience while still in high school.

I left teaching in 2018 to pursue a career in mental health counseling and a schedule that allows me the flexibility and time to guide my own child along a successful education path, which included the transition to home school and his own interest in speech and debate. The 2021-2022 school year marks our second year offering small group educational programs.

I remain a firm believer that the magic in education lies in the things that provide a ‘different experience’: real-life projects, discussions, knowledge, logic, and communication skills, and I aim to infuse that into all the programs we offer.