Combined Grade Levels and Ages

Our classes typically serve several grade levels and ages together. As a public-school teacher, my debate elective classes typically combined grades 9-12 into one classroom. Each spring, our high school debaters would design and implement an after-school mentorship program for middle school students. I saw first-hand how students’ strengths are not only not determined by their age, but also how combining different background experiences, including class cohort, increased motivation and involvement. A combined grade level experience allows older or more experienced students to solidify knowledge and skills through mentorship while allowing younger students an opportunity to develop confidence and thrive through encouragement and interaction with their peers.

For further reading on the benefits of combined age/level classes:

Grades and Homework

We are believers that grades and homework can be helpful in providing feedback and accountability but are not appropriate for all students and can interfere in the flexibility that a lot of our families seek. Grades are not typically assigned in our classes. If grades are needed for a transcript or other reason, we can work with you to meet your needs.

Feedback is given on a regular basis, and it is our goal to challenge students to reach their potential. Our classes, at times, include projects or required preparation for an activity. This is communicated with both parents and students, and students who are not prepared may not be able to participate fully as a natural consequence, but students are not punished and do not receive arbitrary consequences for not completing work.


We are located at 6464 Savoy Ste 745 in SW Houston, near 59 and Hillcroft. Covered parking is available, and there is a seating area/lobby for parents should they choose to stay on site during classes.

We follow the FBISD school calendar as far as holidays.